Squirrels can be a joy to see in their natural habitat, scampering up trees and gathering acorns. Sometimes, though, squirrel populations can suddenly be too prevalent around your home and the small critters can even get into your home. Squirrels are generally considered a pest animal and can be trapped, removed and relocated — but we don't encourage homeowners to do this work. Call Wildlife X Team® SE Michigan at 810.534.7355 today to address any and all squirrel problems.

Common Squirrel Complaints

One of the most common complaints we receive when it comes to squirrels is the damage they can cause inside your home — attics and inside walls are common nesting areas for squirrels.

Squirrels also:

  • Rip insulation to use for nests, lowering your home's heating efficiency
  • Soil rooms with urine and feces, both of which can be health hazards
  • Steal birdseed from feeders and scares songbirds off
  • Chew furniture, walls, roofs and electrical components

Why & How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Squirrels are a nuisance — it seems like they are always around your property and home and causing trouble. In order to fully get rid of them, there are a few steps you can take as a homeowner, but you should leave most of the work to the professionals at Wildlife X Team® SE Michigan. Before you call Wildlife X Team® SE Michigan at 810.534.7355, you can take steps like restricting access to birdfeeders and applying repellents to the area.