Ann Arbor Professional Pest Control

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Do you suspect the existence of rodents in your house but are unsure of what to do? Wildlife X Team Southeast Michigan has all the answers. One of the common questions we deal with involves what to do about pests and whether DIY is better than hiring professionals. While DIY may seem like a solution for an instant reprieve, it does not provide the same sureties you get from expert Ann Arbor professional pest control. 



  • Customized Services – Our customers are the backbone of our business. That is why we strive to be better in every job we tackle. We do not take customer satisfaction lightly and are meticulous in our approaches. We handle each task according to the specific needs of our clients and the type of pest. That ensures every client gets unique solutions fit for their particular situation.
  • 5-Star Rating – A high rating indicates the stellar reputation we have built over the years through exceptional customer service. As a reputable company, we cannot disappoint; we aim to deliver reliable Ann Arbor professional pest control services. You can be sure of getting your money’s worth and a permanent reprieve. We make the deal better by giving renewable one-year warranties for all the services. Nothing can assure you better than that.
  • Superior Repairs - We never lower our quality standards and only use the best products. Whether you want specific critter removal or complete wildlife control services, we take responsibility for our craftsmanship and will conduct subsequent repairs for free if damage occurs to the initial one.



Wildlife X Team Southeast Michigan prices are very competitive, but we make your expenditure worth your while by not compromising on the service delivery. We are trained in several wildlife control areas and have credentials for them. Our professional pest control in Ann Arbor MI includes:

  • Attic cleanup
  • Repairs after animal damage
  • Critter removal



Call us at 810-534-7355 for a free inspection today. Our Ann Arbor professional pest control team will handle the animals once and for all.

Click Here to Email Us Now or Call us at 810.534.7355