My husband, Mike, and I (Sheila) are excited to introduce ourselves and company, Wildlife X Team of Southeast Michigan, to you. Wildlife X Team is a wildlife control services company leading the way in humane wildlife control, removal and remediation of homes and businesses.

What does Wildlife X Team do? We protect your most important investment from the damage that can come from uncontrolled wildlife taking shelter in your home or business. Whether it’s raccoons in the colder months looking for warmth and a place to have their babies.  Squirrels, looking for adventures in the variety of crevices offered throughout the year. Or bats, one of the most common nuisance mammals, enjoying the intense attic heat in the summer or under your insulation for protection in the winter. If there is a gap, crack, or hole a critter will find it and so will we! We humanely exclude the critters from your home, seal it up, and make sure those little critters cannot get back in and cause more damage.

Based in Brighton, there are ten of us on the Wildlife X Team consisting of inspectors, technicians and customer service agents. We have been providing our unique service to your community and the surrounding towns of Howell, South Lyon, Hamburg, Ann Arbor, Novi/Northville, Plymouth/Canton, and Fenton since 2019.  Mike and I embarked on this journey when we decided to leave the corporate world and work for ourselves.  Both of us driven in our careers, felt we were missing something – the feeling of doing something meaningful, something that would allow us to continue to grow professionally, but also personally.  This, combined with our love of animals, especially our own turtles (Henrietta and Max), cats (California, Greyson and Luna) and dogs (Mollie and Gracie), led us to Wildlife X Team based in Texas, and the exciting opportunity to open the company’s first operation in Michigan. 

Mike and I are grateful for the opportunity to open our business in Michigan and serve our neighbors in need. If there is anything we can ever do for you, we are just a phone call away. We are happy to help you to assess any situation and determine if our wildlife control services are needed.