Brighton Professional Pest Control

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Safety and humanity are our areas of focus when handling pests. We aim to eliminate them from your property forever, but we employ humane methods. We assure you of the best results, ensuring the animals never return once we remove them. That is one factor setting our Brighton professional pest control services apart in the industry. We do not take chances; we get it right the first time.



Should pest control be done regularly?

Scheduling regular Brighton professional pest control services is always advisable because pests are seasonal. You may deal with different species every season, hence requiring specific services throughout the year. We are experts at customizing pest control services according to when various pests appear. We can conduct regular inspections to keep your home free and safe, preventing pest invasion and ridding you of those already there.


Is hiring professionals worthwhile?

Several benefits come with hiring a professional pest removal company. Our know-how and proven techniques are enough to give you the value you deserve, but we take it a notch higher by providing warranties for all repairs we conduct. We believe in our capacity to deliver and always take accountability. The guarantee runs for one year and is renewable, bringing you an immense advantage over DIY.


How much does pest control cost?

Professional pest control in Brighton MI does not come at a standard fee, but you can be sure of getting the most competitive prices when you choose us. The amount varies depending on several factors, such as the magnitude of the job and location. Our customizability also influences the cost. We will give you a quotation. 



Wildlife X Team Southeast Michigan has the perfect remedy if you are dealing with the issue of animals getting into your home.

  • We strive to be the best at removing pests and conducting repairs 
  • we choose quality products 
  • Our crew is well-trained



If you have been struggling to determine whether rodents have nested in your home, we are here to provide the answer. Call 810-534-7355 for more information or a life-changing Brighton professional pest control experience.

Click Here to Email Us Now or Call us at 810.534.7355