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Pest infestation in homes is typically seasonal, meaning you will need Canton professional pest control throughout the year. Knowing the type of pests you might encounter can help you deal with them more efficiently.

Our team responds promptly and serves exceptionally well to ensure effective pest control. That is partly why Wildlife X Team Southeast Michigan is the go-to company on all wildlife matters.



  • Opossums ­– A opossum roaming your backyard can easily end up in your shed, attic, or tearing up your trash cans. These critters help control the smallest of pests on your property, but that does not mean that they should go unchecked. We offer professional pest control in Canton MI and will trap and relocate opossums that invade your home.
  • Raccoons – Racoons are another pest that like to go where they do not belong. Carrying disease and leaving messes in your home are only the beginning of the issues they cause. When looking for a Canton professional pest control company, trust one with experience dealing with many types of critters.
  • Rats – Rats are a small creature with a big impact on one’s property. Their droppings cause respiratory problems, especially in children and the elderly, and they carry harmful diseases. If you start to see black droppings or parts of your home interior chewed, you may have a rat infestation.
  • Bats – Bats are a unique pest because they are federally protected. You are not allowed to kill them, due to the support they provide our ecosystem. You will need to bring in a professional to safely remove the bats and protect your space from their return.



We can handle all the pests named above and many others not included. We maintain safety while ensuring our control methods do not cost you too much money. We have:

  • Nuisance Wildlife Permit 
  • Licenses in Insulation 
  • Certified Installers



Our five-star rating and local knowledge are additional advantages when you call 810-534-7355. We guarantee reliable Canton professional pest control that will bring you lasting peace of mind.

Click Here to Email Us Now or Call us at 810.534.7355