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Common signs that you are dealing with mice, squirrels, rats, or any other rodents include droppings that reappear even after you clean them, nests in burrows, pits of chewed food, gnaw marks on wooden or plastic components, and scurrying noises. Arranging for trustworthy Fenton rodent control services immediately after you notice any of those signs is advisable. Knowing the correct measures to keep the animals from returning is also crucial.



The following measures can work whether you want to prevent rodent infestation or after they make a habitat in your house.

  • Manage Access Points – Inspecting vital areas around your house to confirm that they are impenetrable is one of the most effective control measures. If you can keep them from getting inside, the better. Otherwise, blocking the access points allows you to capture those that are inside and prevent a recurrence. You do not have to tackle such tasks yourself. Our rodent control services in Fenton MI include inspections, which we do comprehensively and methodically.
  • Monitor Food Sources – Keep grains in sealed containers, do not leave pet food in the open, and avoid leaving fruits and vegetables outside the fridge. Fixing leaking pipes and faucets can also discourage the animals from creating a nest in your home. The idea is to make food inaccessible to them as much as possible. That also includes food waste – keep it in closed trash containers.
  • Take Care of the Outdoors – The landscape can also harbor rodents, making it easier for them to reach the indoors. Some tips include avoiding vegetation like ivy on walls, cutting grass, leaving sufficient space between buildings and fences or bushes and shrubs, and using plastic trash cans with lids. These measures should not replace occasional Fenton rodent control services. 



Our experience and expertise assure you of effective vermin control services. Wildlife X Team Southeast Michigan can disinfect your attic, remove the insulation, and install a new one. We also specialize in the following:

  • Rodent removal
  • Damage repair
  • Rodent prevention



You can capitalize on our excellent Fenton rodent control services and enjoy a one-year warranty, among other benefits. Call 810-534-7355 for immediate assistance.

Click Here to Email Us Now or Call us at 810.534.7355