Fenton Wildlife Removal Services

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If you want to hire Fenton wildlife removal services, you must choose carefully to ensure you don’t end up with a company that will disappoint you. At Wildlife X Team Southeast Michigan, we provide reliable wildlife removal services at an affordable price. 



When you contact us, our experts will respond promptly. We will perform an inspection of your property to determine the following:

  • The type of animals that have invaded the structure.
  • All the entry points that the wild animals could be using.
  • We will also determine whether offspring are present since some wildlife could use your property as a breeding ground. 

While making these assessments, we will keep you updated by explaining why we arrive at certain conclusions. We will explain to you how the wildlife is using your structure, what our wildlife removal services in Fenton MI entail, and what should be repaired to ensure that your property is wildlife free. 



Whenever you are hiring a wildlife removal company, it is important to ensure that you ask the right questions. For example, ensure that you understand how the removal experts will handle the animals:

  • How will the animal be treated?
  • Will the animal be killed?
  • Are there offspring that will be abandoned or orphaned? 
  • Will the wildlife removal method resolve the problem in the long term? 

The good thing about our wildlife removal services in Fenton MI  is that we only employ humane wildlife removal techniques. We only use guaranteed exclusion/eviction strategies like hands-on removal, one-way doors, and reunion of families, among others. 



It would be pointless to remove an animal from your structure only to have it come right back in. With our Fenton wildlife removal services, you will enjoy a full range of animal exclusion and proofing services. We give our clients a guarantee against re-entry because we are sure about our services. We do not consider the wildlife removal job complete until we identify all the access points and install exclusion material that will keep the wildlife away. 



Wildlife X Team Southeast Michigan provides quality Fenton wildlife removal services. Call us today at 810-534-7355 to speak to a wildlife removal expert. 

Click Here to Email Us Now or Call us at 810.534.7355