Novi Insulation Removal Companies

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Looking for reliable and experienced Novi insulation removal companies? Wildlife X Team has over 20 years of experience in the field. Our family-owned and operated business is dedicated to providing top-notch insulation removal services that exceed your expectations.


We are duly certified and licensed in every state we serve, and our membership in several industry associations ensures that we always follow best practices and safety protocols. Plus, we can work with most major insurance companies to make your insulation removal experience as smooth and affordable as possible.




Positive reviews and testimonials are hallmarks of a good reputation for insulation removal companies in Novi MI. Feel free to check out our Testimonials page and hear what past clients say about our excellent customer service.


We are a family-owned and run business with  exceptional experience in professional insulation removal and installation.




We are duly certified and licensed through the appropriate Department for every state we serve. We are also members of the Wildlife Control Operators Association. You can rest assured that we religiously follow industry standards and safety protocols.




Like all other reputable insulation removal companies in Novi MI, we have the proper equipment and up-to-date technology to remove soiled, damaged, ineffective, and contaminated insulation safely and efficiently.




Another thing we take pride in that makes us one of the best insulation removal companies in Novi MI is our excellent customer service. Our staff is responsive and friendly and provides clear and concise information about our services.




While many insulation removal companies in Novi MI also offer competitive pricing, we guarantee reasonable prices, quality service, and great value.


All Novi insulation removal companies grasp the importance of maintaining proper insulation to:


  • Keep your living environment safe, comfortable, and healthy, free from mold and mildew.
  • Help reduce noise transmission between rooms and from outside your home, resulting in a quieter living environment.
  • Help in lowering energy bills and reducing energy consumption.


Thus we encourage you to contact us now for your insulation needs. As one of the most competitively priced Novi insulation removal companies in Texas and surrounding areas, we guarantee customer satisfaction with all our services.

Click Here to Email Us Now or Call us at 810.534.7355