Novi Professional Pest Control

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Wildlife X Team has been the wildlife removal company of choice for multiple years for a good reason. Our Novi professional pest control services are unparalleled in the industry, and we prioritize customer satisfaction. We have perfected pest control in homes and take pride in ensuring every property we work on remains pest-free for the longest time. Our crew will provide swift and effective solutions whether you are dealing with bats in the attic, raccoons in crawl spaces, or hearing noises inside walls.



  • Possible Multiplication – Ignoring pests can lead to their increase, which can be disastrous with time. Some pests, like rats, can spread to other rooms in the house and increase the risk of infections or discomfort. Getting professionals to eliminate them as quickly as possible is usually the best way to prevent their reproduction and future infestation. Our professional pest control in Novi MI includes finding and sealing their entry points. We also use quality products that eliminate them quickly.
  • Increased Allergic Reactions – Respiratory issues increase with pests in the house. The animals' droppings contain microorganisms that contaminate the indoor air and cause diseases. Asthma and allergies are also likely to increase – some shed their skin, bring in allergens from outside, or pollute the air with their urine and droppings. People with weaker immune systems or pre-existing respiratory issues are at a higher risk.
  • Damage to the Outdoors – Some animals can invade and destroy your landscape or crops in your garden. Other pests can damage your crops, flowers, or other landscaping plants if you do not seek Novi professional pest control.



Professional pest control in Novi MI is the only suitable solution for all scenarios above. We remove mice, rats, birds, and other animals you might find at home. Apart from exemplary services, we also offer the following benefits.

  • One-year renewable warranty on all services
  • Permitted, licensed, certified, and highly trained crew
  • Free inspections and quotations



Our experts utilize years of training and experience to remove pests and release them back into the environment. Our communication lines are always open - 810-534-7355. Schedule reliable Novi professional pest control today. 

Click Here to Email Us Now or Call us at 810.534.7355