Novi Professional Wildlife Removal

Got Wildlife? Our Novi Professional Wildlife Removal Services Are Here To Help!

When wildlife animals invade your home or business, they can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Our Novi Professional Wildlife Removal service is designed to safely remove the nuisance wildlife and restore your property so they don’t return!


What Sets Wildlife X Team's Wildlife Removal Service Apart?

Expert Training:

Not everyone who sets up shop as a Novi Professional Wildlife Removal specialist has the training to get the job done right. At Wildlife X Team, we take the time to teach every one of our technicians about the wildlife they are trapping.  We learn about each animal’s dangers, habitats, food source, and nesting instincts to ensure that we know how to trap them successfully and remove them safely from your home or workplace. Whether you are dealing with snakes, raccoons, rats or mice, opossums, bats, or birds, we will show up prepared to deliver our professional wildlife removal in Novi MI that your situation requires.


Comprehensive Services:

Our Novi Professional Wildlife Removal technicians offer a wide range of solutions for you. From humane wildlife removal to complete restoration of your property, we can handle the job from start to finish. Here are just some of the services people call us for:

1. Trapping: Got birds nesting in your chimney? Squirrels chewing on your vents?  Raccoons living in your attic? Snakes taking up residence under your deck? Bats making their home in your soffit?  Opossums burrowing under your shed? We can handle it! Our professional wildlife removal in Novi MI have access to the latest technology to do a thorough wildlife inspection report before we do the work. Typically, when you start to hear wildlife in your home or see evidence of their presence on your property, we can show you all the places where they are getting in and we can stop them.

2. Waste Removal: When wildlife make their way into your home, they leave behind a trail of feces and urine. This is a hazardous problem that needs to be solved for the safety of your family as animal waste is the breeding ground for all kinds of diseases and parasites. Our Novi Professional Wildlife Removal services includes the sanitation and waste removal from your property.

3. Exclusion: We also provide wildlife exclusion services. It isn’t enough to just remove the animal from your property. We also prevent them from coming back! We will caulk and seal all the nooks and crannies that wildlife use to get into your home. Our Novi Professional Wildlife Removal services include installing vent guards on your roof to prevent animals from entering your vents. Chimney caps are a great way to keep birds from nesting in your chimney. We can also screen or fence your garden from wildlife thieves! Let’s face it, those fruits and veggies are a perfect food source for wildlife opportunists!

4. Attic Renovation: Attics are a perfect spot for wildlife to make their home. They come in because the insulation makes a perfect nesting bed for their offspring.  They also love that they are protected from most predators.  If you have animals living in your attic, our professional wildlife removal in Novi MI is what you need. We will remove the wildlife to a more suitable habitat for them, and restore your attic to its pre-invasion state.


Call The Novi Professional Wildlife Removal Experts!  We Can Solve Your Wildlife Problems!

Let’s face it, the more space we occupy in nature, the more nature is going to find our property a tempting home for them. Wildlife X Team specializes in the humane removal of wildlife that encroaches on your property. We provide a wide variety of Novi Professional Wildlife Removal services to solve your needs. We are just a phone call away!

Call us at (555) 987-6543 and let us help you remove the wildlife on your property!