South Lyon Professional Bat Removal

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Seeing a bat is distressing for any home or business owner, and South Lyon professional bat removal will likely be needed to get rid of these uninvited guests. Bat removal is regulated by law because they are on the endangered species list and help control insect populations.

Our specialists work with local government agencies, which gives us the competitive advantage of being aware of new regulations regarding removal and gives you peace of mind.



Are strange noises coming from your attic? When you contact our 24/7 call center for professional bat removal in South Lyon MI at any time of day or night, you will gain access to technicians who are trained in the science of bat behavior and bat removal:

  • Exclusion – This involves sealing off all possible entry points where bats may be entering the building. Technicians will carefully inspect the building to identify these entry points and then seal them with materials such as caulk or wire mesh.
  • One-Way Doors – Another method that is often used in conjunction with exclusion in South Lyon professional bat removal is the use of one-way doors. These are essentially small doors that allow bats to exit but keep them from being able to re-enter. Once all bats are gone, we remove these one-way doors and seal off entry points.
  • Trapping – In some cases, trapping may be necessary to remove bats from a building. This method involves setting up traps in areas where bats are known to roost or travel. Once the bats are trapped, they can be safely removed and released back into the wild.



We understand that bat removal is something you cannot do on your own and that professional bat removal in South Lyon MI is something property owners cannot do without. Our wildlife specialists take this work seriously, and do our best to ensure customer satisfaction:

  • We seal off all gaps and crevices so bats cannot re-enter the building
  • We provide a workmanship guarantee
  • We clean up and provide restoration and remediation services



You can trust our experts for South Lyon professional bat removal that is totally effective but won't break the bank. Have questions? Call Wildlife X Team® SE Michigan at 810-534-7355 for details.

Click Here to Email Us Now or Call us at 810.534.7355