South Lyon Wildlife Removal Services

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Animals need a home, but it doesn’t have to be your home. Our experts at Wildlife X Team Southeast Michigan go through rigorous training to enable us to provide impeccable South Lyon wildlife removal services. We understand everything about wildlife removal, including identifying the entry points and sealing them. We take animal proofing seriously; we don’t want the animal to find its way back to your home in the future.

Our wildlife removal services in South Lyon MI, also involve repairing animal damage. Our experts are trained to identify the damage caused by wildlife, even in hard-to-reach areas like the attic. Our priority is to keep your family safe. Whether you are dealing with rodents like mice or bats in your attic, you can count on us. Our experts are trained and experienced to handle any wildlife issue and remove the wildlife in an efficient and humane manner. We have a solution to every wildlife problem.



We provide a wide range of South Lyon wildlife removal services:

  • Wildlife removal for homes
  • Wildlife removal for businesses 
  • Wildlife removal for municipalities 

We provide wildlife removal and relief services for residences and commercial properties whenever you need us. You can always count on us whether you need: 

  • Animal trapping 
  • Raccoon removal 
  • Rat removal
  • Rodent control
  • Opossum proofing 

Whatever animal removal job you want us to do, we will do it fast and efficiently. We specialize in removing and controlling all types of wildlife and nuisance pests like birds, rats, raccoons, opossums, and more. 

Nature is unpredictable; you can have wildlife invade your home when you least expect it. Whatever the case, you can count on our wildlife removal services in South Lyon MI. We do not kill or harm the wild animals we remove from our client's premises. Instead, we release the animals back to their natural habitat. 



With so many South Lyon wildlife removal services, why choose our services? 

  • We are a locally owned and operated wildlife removal company
  • Competitive pricing for our wildlife removal services
  • Impeccable customer service



When wild animals invade your home, they can rob your peace and comfort. However, with our proven South Lyon wildlife removal services, you don’t have to worry. Contact Wildlife X Team Southeast Michigan at 810-534-7355 to get started with wildlife removal.

Click Here to Email Us Now or Call us at 810.534.7355